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XII Iberian bike congress to be held in Malaga


The first bike congress was held in Lisbon in 1996 following an initiative by the Portuguese cycling federation, Bicycle Users (FPCUB) and the Spanish Association ConBici and is now held annually alternating between spanish and Portuguese cities. ConBicic was created in 1992 and is integrated into over 50 associations throughout Spain and Portugal, existing primarily to support and promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport. The congress is an opportunity for exchange, debate, training and information relating to everything interesting for people involved in … Continue reading


Festival Arte Sano X – summer 2015 | No Comments

Looking for something different, dynamic and enjoyable? Over the weekend of July 25 & 26 you can enjoy the...


Beyond the symptom: the gift of Bioneuro-emotion | No Comments

BioNeuroEmotion is a method that is used to find out why a symptom has appeared and to uncover the hidden...


Healthy eating in the treatment of multiple sclerosis | No Comments

Alimentación consciente en el tratamiento de la esclerosis multiple: un desafío que comenzó hace treinta...


Natural conscious eating | No Comments

ALIMENTACION NATURAL CONSCIENTE por Pablo de la Iglesia (Naturópata)

Si hablamos de SALUD y de...


Community initiatives for cooperation, self sufficiency, responsible consuming and healthy living | No Comments

The ‘ethical network’ of friends of Dehnaten launched recently to promote ethical, social and...


Dale Vince Implements Ecotricity Boycott Of Air France Over Shipment Of Monkeys To Laboratories | No Comments

Founder Dale Vince Joins PETA in Calling for Last Remaining Major Airline to Stop Transporting Primates to...


Should we be eating salads in winter? | No Comments

In most of Europe these days, year-round we can buy almost any fruit or vegetable. This is an excellent source...


Pablo de la Iglesias – alimentación consciente | No Comments

En el año 92, cuando le diagnostican esclerosis múltiple, enfermedad que lo había paralizado y dejado con un...