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To understand the concept of Modern Biological Medicine, its origins and applications, La Chispa secured an interview with its founder, Dr. W S Rybicki, who opened a treatment centre in Marbella some years ago. His revelations are both profound and enlightening and are in the vanguard of new research into energy based medicine.

 La Chispa: please explain Modern Biological Medicine?

Dr. Rybicki: I first used the term when I started my medical practice in 1978. Biology is the science of the organisation of life, and the human body is an organisation of organs, not just the sum of them. Therefore it is biological medicine, and as we use a synthesis of recent modern discoveries and technologies – it becomes Modern Biological Medicine. Academic medicine views a person as the sum of organs, whereas biological medicine is based on the organisation – the order, hierarchy and interactions within the organisation, where a spine plays the main role. It is the mediator in the information exchange between the brain and the rest of the body. If there is a blockage in the spine the brain does not get all the information about what is going on and therefore cannot make objective decisions. These information blockages are the origin of all painful processes. Our work is to find out what causes an illness.
La Chispa: What were your inspirations to create Modern Biological Medicine?
Dr. Rybicki: For thousands of years civilisation has been creating amazing cures. Biological medicine in the context of modern discoveries uses old medical philosophies and treatments proven by time, like for example the treatment of the spine, which was the foundation of Slavic medicine. Hippocrates wrote “if you find an illness begin with the vertebrae.” Today chiropractors and osteopaths follow this approach whereas academic medicine has failed to see its value. I studied both medical systems: traditional and alternative (homeopathy, curative herbs, hydrotherapy, spine treatments, etc). So being a medical doctor, a specialist in alternative medicine and a spine specialist, I can embrace both approaches comfortably.
La Chispa: Tell us more about the role of the spine.
Dr. Rybicki: I place a major emphasis on the connection between the spine and the internal organs. After examining spines of our patients, we made remarkably accurate diagnostic conclusions. The spine is the ‘Bible of Life’ where everything is written down – we just need to know how to read it. All the negative life experiences are stored in the form of energy-informational blockages, which are the direct cause of illness. It turns out that infection is the result and not the cause of disease.

La Chispa: This sounds like innovative work. How can we better understand it?

Dr. Rybicki: An infection can take hold if there is a weakened energetic tract. Microbiologists say: “microbes are nothing, perfect nutritive environment is everything.” If the energetic field is weakened, this provides the nutritive environment for microbes; they adapt to the environment. For example flu has modified itself many times and every year, in a new form, attacks millions of people. But only certain people are susceptible, those with flaws in their energetic field. Microbes are a result and not the cause of the flu. Knowing this, we can calculate corrective parameters for all epidemics. Patients with colds receive a toning-up treatment which renews particular energy tracts and they recover very quickly.
I must emphasise that any virus can be treated this way. For example jaundice, like any other virus, searches for a nutritive environment and not every person, who comes in contact with it, will fall ill. So we search for the causes of the disease and our unique diagnostic systems help us to do that.
La Chispa: What are these causes?
Dr. Rybicki: In principle there are three groups of causes but obviously thousands of diseases.
First is the inherent characteristic of the organism. Our diagnostic system, called CBM-BASIS, determines ‘first cause’ – areas that are genetically weakened in the basic constitution of the patient. The susceptibility to disease is different for everyone. Knowing the first cause we can then build an effective prophylactic program, which will prevent the development of serious illnesses in the future.
As a practical example, let’s say a person’s breathing system is the ‘first cause’ of the disease. This means that the breathing system does not cope with its function in relation to the entire organism. Breathing is a two-phase operation: inhale and exhale. Bad inhalation means lack of oxygen and bad exhalation means a build up of toxins. Over time this can overload the pancreas, kidneys, large intestine and reproductive organs in women.
La Chispa: Will the weakening of one system result in the weakening of others?
Dr. Rybicki: Of course. One of the fundamental laws of life is the Law of Pairs: man-woman, Earth-Moon, etc. This also applies to the human organism: there is always one strategic organ, without which we cannot live and its pair – the defending organ, which becomes the first to manifest the disease. Lungs for example are paired with the large intestine. Many diseases of the large intestine have their roots in the lungs like, for example, ulcerous colitis, which academic medicine considers incurable. Not so! If the lungs do not cope with their role then the large intestine helps them to function, sacrificing itself to the disease at the same time. Therefore in this case it is necessary to cure lungs first.
La Chispa: What is the second cause of disease?
Dr. Rybicki: It is what the patient has created during his/her life. The ‘second cause’ is negative events and experiences in life which manifest themselves as energy informational blockages in the spine. Our CBM-N-A-S-A system reads very accurately the blockages and shows which organs have or will have problems. Fortunately the spine is a dynamic structure and if those blockages are found in time they can be eliminated. The spine is the key to health. You cannot be ill if your spine is in order. It also has a spatial-energetic role in relation to ‘vital energy’, which all ancient medical systems were based on.
La Chispa: We need to explore this in more detail – what is this ‘vital energy’ and where does it come from?
Dr. Rybicki: ‘Vital energy’ is taken from the space around us. This is where the real medicine of the future begins. Research indicates that 80% of our ‘vital energy’ comes from space and food only satisfies 20%. ‘Vital energy’ and space are largely synonymous. Wilhelm Reich, a famous psychiatrist and a pupil of Freud, understood very well the dependence between the body and physics. He studied space / vital energy and developed concepts such as universal love and universal mind. We took this work further and eventually created a spiritual-biological model of the human being.
La Chispa: What about the third cause?
Dr. Rybicki: The third cause is the microbiology of the blood. That is an ‘executive’ cause of disease and is the function of the patient’s energetic situation. By influencing changes in a patient’s energetic situation we also influence and balance the pathogenic microbiology of the blood. Only such complex transformations in the patient’s organism correspond to his recovery.
La Chispa: Tell us more about your research into vital energy.
Dr. Rybicki: All ancient medical sources refer to this. Modern investigators also concur as to its source from space. Let’s look at the source: space is a structure and the structure is geometry. I have investigated extensively the influence of different geometric figures on our energy. Space is not emptiness; it has energetic-geometric structure. Results of my research in the sphere of space help me to understand the foundation of human life. Our quality of life depends on our adaptation to the laws of space and the spine acts as the ‘receiving antenna’ for space energy. Ageing and health depend on our ‘tuning-in’ of our ‘antenna’. I can calculate the corrective parameter (called IMAiT – Individual Modulation for Adaptation and which is based on the data obtained during examination. Calculating the corrective parameter is the starting point of our treatment. Then we introduce the IMAiT into the patient by means of Modulated Light Wave which very quickly tunes the body in at all levels.
In conclusion, the human being is a spiritual-biological machine. My job is the tuning-in of this machine in relation to the laws of space. Everyone is unique and is tuned-in individually. This therapy is carried out in the “Centres of Biological Medicine” in Poland and now in Marbella. All scientific developments are under the auspices of the International Institute of Human Ecology which I founded and which brings together many outstanding scientists.
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