Do I need counselling?

Sometimes in life we feel that things are not going well. We feel confused, bad-tempered and down, and don’t know why. Maybe we haven’t been sleeping well, and feel stressed and anxious. We may have been drinking a bit more than is good for us, or are rowing more frequently with our partner. Carmen Aros looks at how professional counselling can help in these situations.
Sometimes we know the reason for our unhappiness but we can’t see a way out, and we hope the situation will sort itself out. Sometimes this does happen, and we are able to overcome difficulties without going to a professional. Other times we feel that there truly is no way out, and with each day that passes we feel more and more trapped. Part of the problem may be our wish to resolve things ourselves – we like to think we’re strong enough to do that. But to accept the possibility that we might have to turn to someone else for help can be the first positive step in taking control over our life. There are many kinds of psychological help available to clients. Some are based on the medical model, where the client is seen more as a ‘patient’, and is given advice, and told what to do. Others are much more client-centred, where the therapist does not tell the client what to do or try to influence their decisions – they help the client, via a collaborative process, to find their own solution to their problem. The aim of the process is to help the client enable themselves to make the changes which are going to help them lead a more fulfilling life. I prefer to work within a focussed short-term model of 8 sessions. I try to help the client through dialogue to clarify what they aim to achieve – to identify what they would like to change. I provide them with the space to explore their options in any given situation, and to find their own strategies to cope with the difficulties they may be experiencing.
Carmen Aros
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