Fight for the Rio Grande makes progress

The Coordinadora in Defense of the Río Grande Group held a very successful meeting on 3rd November with over 1000 locals and foreigners in attendance. A special meeting was held for English speakers in which a power point presentation explaining the situation was shown. The Coordinadora used this 3rd meeting to outline the upcoming events designed to help mobilise the people living in the areas affected by the Sociedad Estatal Acuamed’s plan to dam the Río Grande. This project would forever destroy the only living river remaining in the province of Málaga. The negative consequences would extend to Coín, Guaro, Villafranco del Guadalhorce, Alhaurín el Grande, Sierra de Gibralgalia, Cártama, Cerralba and Pizarra.

Francisco Lozano, speaking on behalf of the Coordinadora outlined the plans for events during “Water Week,” "Semana del Agua" which will take place from 20th-26th November including:

– A protest camp-out for 4 days in Coin’s main square, la Alameda, from November 20th – 24th
– A public demonstration marching through the streets of Coin scheduled for early afternoon on Saturday, 25th November.
– A huge public picnic at the proposed site of the dam on Sunday, 26th November.
Through the Water Week a series of activities will take place, their will be arts and crafts workshops, concerts and local produce from the Rio Grande fincas, or small-holdings, will be for sale. The theme uniting these activities aims to create a greater awareness of the cultural, social, ecological and economic disaster that would befall the entire region if the river is damed.
Special guests in attendance included the Mayor of Coín, Gabriel Clavijo, representing the incumbent majority in the Town Hall, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) as well as a representative of each of the local opposition political parties: Partido Popular, Izquierda Unida, Partido Andalucista and Agrupación Coineña. All the speakers voiced their support and adherence to the Coordinara’s activities and most enthusiastically stated their complete opposition to the proposals to dam the Río Grande´s waters at Cerro Blanco.
The Mayor of Coín, Gabriel Clavijo, officially offered legal assistance from the Town Hall’s Judicial Services Department to those affected by the proposal and vowed to underwrite the Coordinadora’s costs in mobilising citizens against the proposal. During his speech, the mayor declared that the Town Hall would not allow bulldozers to enter into the zone as proposed in the Acuamed plan.

A representative from the Pizarra Town Hall and a Partido Popular representative from Cártama, were also in attendance. They both voiced their total support in mobilising the public against the Acuamed proposal. At the end of the meeting the Rio Grande Manifesto was read and at the conclusion of the Coin march and demonstration on November 25th the manifesto will again be publicly read and numerous groups and collectives will step forward to sign it.

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