Money Talks : it’s what we make it say that counts

The Power of positive spending. We all know that if we want to have any influence in our country we need to vote for the political party of our choice. But in today’s capitalistic, commercially driven world, there is a new way that we can exercise our influence. Money has as much power as politics and what we do with ours at an individual and communal level can have real impact. At a consumer level an individual can choose to buy organic produce, fair trade products or not buy goods made by companies with dubious ethics such as the ubiquitous Nestle, long condemned for their unscrupulous marketing of milk powder in poor countries. Every time we do this we have a real positive effect on the state of the world – do not underestimate the power of your euro. At another level we have investments and savings or mortgages and loans. Where we choose to hold these credits and debts is also important. It is your money and you should know where it goes, or at least have the opportunity to choose if you would like it to be invested in sustainable, ecological and ethical projects. There may be many readers of La Chispa who feel that these are worthy values worth supporting and at a consumer level we hope that the magazine provides contact with the businesses and shops working in this way. At a business level it is inspiring to come across two well established local companies working in traditional fields of finance, tax consultancy and legal work who are pioneering ethical business practices with social responsibility. C-International and Premier Law have recently merged to create a partnership that can develop these values and create more sustainable business practices throughout the coast. Based in Marbella, they are well aware of the perception many have of the town with the recent “White Whale” money laundering case highlighting what many have suspected of shady financial activity. Belen Cepero of Premier Law believes that “it is time for reflection and to be more responsible for the dynamics within the community that we are working.” Both companies believe that their position as long term established companies will help them to have some significant influence in creating conditions for positive and dynamic change. There is also close contact with Triodos Bank, a Dutch bank that has recently opened in Spain and only invests in socially responsible ethical projects. Anybody banking with Triodos knows that their money is being put to good use for a sustainable, greener future. With these connections being made there is a bright future for the area and for people interested in discovering new ways of doing business where the perfect contacts can be made.

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