The Green Party of Málaga by Lindsay Espinoza

As members of the European Greens, the Spanish Green Party is part of a massive and growing political awareness spreading across the member states of the EU and beyond. Here in Spain, however, they are still a fledgling political party, lacking in support of the press and public opinion, the main strength of any political party. Any reader who has even the slightest sense of being ‘green’ should? consider actively supporting the local sections of the Andalucian Greens. There is one elected representative from the Green Party in Madrid, Francisco Garrido, originally from Granada. On a national level, the largest provincial membership is in Malaga, and this still only comes to 100 members.


More support is clearly an issue. Angel Rodriguez, spokesperson for Malaga province, told La Chispa that they are very keen to develop connections with the large foreign population here in southern Andalucia. Given that the European Greens have had a long-standing and influential voice in northern Europe, many of the foreign residents here have green tendencies already established and higher ecological expectations than many of their local neighbours. Anyone interested in receiving regular updates can subscribe to Infoverde, the Greens newsletter, to keep abreast of events and activities as they are being organised.


The local party, Los Verdes de Andalucia, are focussing specifically on two main areas of activity at the moment. The Escuela Verde (Green School) is being developed for the vital work of increasing public awareness of environmental issues.  Details are available on the web site. The main objective of the school is to increase the pressure on the ruling PSOE party which signed a pre-electoral agreement with the Greens. Cristina Narbona the current Environmental Secretary was one of the co-signatories of the agreement, which contained twenty objectives, of which only those already under way on the part of the PSOE prior to the elections have actually been completed. All others have been mostly ignored. For instance the national budget for 2006 has been announced recently and within the agricultural expenditure there was supposed to be an allocation for developing organic farming. There was none.


The other main area of focus is on the work groups set up within the party, formed to make technical assessment of issues such as how sustainable land-use for tourism. Another group is producing guides for social groups such as Ecologistas en Accion who are ideologically linked to the Greens. Their voices are essential to bring greater muscle to the party’s presence within national politics. 









INFO: Los Verdes de Málaga, Tel: 952 21 92 03,, Escuela Verde/Green School:













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