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An audience with Al Gore on climate change and global warming by Phil Speirs
The Palacio de Congresos in Malaga has been hosting the Conference for Knowledge and Democratic Society this week and finished with ex-vice president of the USA Al Gore bringing his message of the imminent ecological disaster awaiting planet Earth if we do not act now. It was a powerful presentation and one that he is clearly passionate about, having delivered the talk over 1000 times. He believes that this issue is the single most important crisis in human existence.
Delivered with the aid of a slide show, Al Gore took his listeners on a journey into the environmental disaster that we have created in the last 200 years. Disappearing ice shelves and glaciers; increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere; soaring temperatures; climate chaos throughout the world – typhoons, hurricanes, flooding and drought; desertification and the extinction of species. What made the presentation so powerful was the sheer scale of what is happening right now, backed up by sound scientific evidence and delivered by someone who has access to the best advice on the subject. 1334% increase in desertification, 40% of ice lost from Arctic regions, Greenland may be about to simply slide into the sea as did Larsen B ice shelf two years ago, Pakistan recorded temperatures of 54ºC last year, and so on. The scale of the problem has been recognized by scientists for many years now and contrary to the popular media’s portrayal of the situation, there has been a rare agreement on this one issue – that the Earth is heating up and human endeavor is almost entirely to blame. “The choices we make now will determine the choices of future generations,” was Al Gore’s ultimate message pointing to how we have overcome big issues before and clearly have the technology and ability to confront this biggest of issues if we recognise it and start dealing with it. This is why he has relentlessly promoted this lecture tour, produced a film and a book in the hope of initiating grass roots change which will force politicians to follow suit.


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