Walk like a Warrior

We spend a lot of time on our feet and a revolutionary new type of shoe is designed to help make that time more effective, helping us to walk tall like Masai warriors. The human body did not evolve to be constantly walking on flat, hard ground and conventional shoes in this environment can lead to joint problems, poor posture and back ache. Enter Swiss engineer Karl Muller, who spent many years researching biomechanics and physiology until personally stumbling upon his breakthrough discovery. He found walking on paddy fields while convalescing in Taiwan helped ease his back problems. Walking on soft uneven ground makes the body constantly compensate and rebalance itself, making the muscles work and improving posture. By 1996 his research led to the first Masai shoe named after the people of Africa who spend their time walking across soft, uneven terrain with little need for shoes and little knowledge of back or joint pain. The concept was to create an “anti-shoe”, one that makes pavements and roads that we customarily walk on feel soft and uneven. The secret to the shoes is in the unique sole that creates a rolling element making the body constantly correct and balance itself. Originally designed as a medical aid the shoe is now becoming hugely popular and there is an entire range from sandals to sports to dress shoes available. Cristina, who has opened the first MBT shop in Fuengirola stocks the entire range of shoes and is available to answer questions about this remarkable new footwear.
INFO: MBT Cristina, c/ Maestra Angeles Azpiazu, 18, Fuengirola (near the horse fountain); Tel: 697 265 199 email: mail@mbt@mbtshopcristina.com
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