A New System of BioDance

BioDance is a system of human integration, which re-establishes the link between people and Nature, self-regulates and renews the organism, harmonizes instincts and emotions and develops meeting oneself and others,through movement, music and specific instructions. It develops Five large experiential lines which allow us to connect with our identity, around which all of the exercises group together: creativity, sexuality, vitality, affection and transcendence. Its experiential body is supported on a scientific basis with, amongst other sciences, biology, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy and physiology. It was set up in Chile in 1966 by Rolando Toro Araneda, who with the help of other biodance teachers, transmitted this system to the whole world and he gave it the theoretical and practical body of knowledge on which it is based.
However, soon after the Toro family and other people close to the founder of the BioDance movement joined in, this system, known as International Biocentric Foundation (IBF), started halting its evolution as such. Vested interests arose and with it the desire to control a movement which had already become universal, at which point a section of the teachers split up. It was those who preferred to maintain themselves faithful to the principles and philosophy of the BioDance movement, while at the same time they saw it possible to make new contributions which would keep it updated and allowed to evolve – without the restrictions imposed by the monopoly – like the new BioDance system developed by Javier de la Sen, at the teacher training in Madrid & Granada.
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