Al-andaluz Festival Review

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Grazalema Mountains and Alcornocales natural park, the Al Andalus Festival celebrated the magic of life during the last weekend of August. With a breathtaking terrain and the sparkling azure waters of the enchanting Lake Guadalcacin, the spirit of Mother Nature ignited a special gathering, uniting all who attended.
As the first full festival organized by United Tribes, the Al Andalus Festival will be remembered as one of the best psy-trance festivals of this year – and one of the most eco-friendly. Re-usable plastic cups and plates for food and drink created a clean environment for a festival of this scale, and as a celebration in honour of Mother Nature herself, the site – a fully equipped campsite with toilets and showers – was devoid of waste and the usual suspect remains of a festival. A one-of-a-kind event, the Al Andalus Festival is setting the standard for putting the environment first encouraging the visitors to demonstrate respect and consideration. As United Tribes festival organiser, Sonia, confirmed, “…there was not a single cup on the floor, it was a clean, eco-friendly festival and people were totally respectful, most were helping with the rubbish and best of all, there was a lot of love around!”  
Mother Nature did, however, decide to play a few tricks with the weather. The forces of nature were in full swing and as stormy heavens ridden with thick grey clouds swept above the Grazalema Mountains, bursting rays of luminous sunshine fought through. A dramatic sky resembled that of a watercolour painting, layers lined by an azure horizon sparkling off the magical lake Guadalcacin. The contrasting forces of Mother Nature kept energies alive – and come rain, wind or shine the united gathering took the main stage by storm. Melodic psy-trance sounds converged with the natural atmospheric ambience at the supersonic main stage with its impressive structure bejeweled with a brilliant geyser of colours. The Chill Out area oozed smooth ambient tones with soundscapes from the likes of Qubenzis Electronica (Psyaudio), London’s Noodreem (Sangita Sounds) and Subsahara (Dakini Records) – creating a zone for connecting, submerging and meditating in tranquility. Live music in the Chill Out area broke up the electronic vibes with reggae, Indo-Oriental fusions, Arabic vibes, Afro-Caribbean percussion, didgeridoo and Flamenco. The La Chispa area too became a magnet for togetherness, running talks and workshops throughout the weekend and a popular cinema in the evening. Glorious vegetarian food and a family-like atmosphere united folks from all walks of life, inspiring a one-world community spirit.
The chi of positive energies from the universe filtered through the skies and reverberated throughout the area. Sunshine sprinkled like shards of gold, inspiring unity and celebrating a love for Mother Nature and her beautiful gift to the world. 
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