Amazonite : Working with crystals part 4

Amazonite: The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is balanced by both the green and pink colour rays. Pink stones such as rose quartz can help balance the emotional issues and the green stones generally aid physical issues of the heart, respiratory system and can bring relief to allergies. A stone that is more than capable in both these areas is Amazonite. A variety of feldspar amazonite is green with white striations.

The Amazonian warrior woman of the crystals; her mothering, female energy nurtures, relaxes and comforts, calming the nerves and releasing worry. Then the warrior in her slaps you on the back and boots you back into reality, forcing you to move on from the old, let go of fear and find the courage to march on into an excitingly unpredictable and adventurous future. Once done you are left feeling empowered, and can see the situation clearly for what it is, thirsty to tackle life and its challenges.The mental level has been stabilised and the aura reinforced by the process, thus bringing protection for the future. This strengthening cycle then repeats at the next hurdle, each hurdle becoming easier to confront and conquer.

How we regard ourselves also changes. Amazonite ruthlessly shows you the destructive side of yourself and pushes you to release these patterns, allowing opportunities of self love and unity with others to take over. The warrior energy brings physical strength and resistance, especially strengthening the heart and teeth.

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