A new centre in Málaga has opened recently offering personal and spiritual courses and workshops at affordable rates for its members. “By joining our association members get immediate benefits in the form of discounts on all our courses,” explained Marie Angeles, who pointed out that Antakarana Málaga is a delegation of the association based in Madrid. “Madrid has been very successful so we wanted to create the same opportunities for people interested in personal and spiritual development here in Málaga,” Marie Angeles continued. “As we have only started up recently our first goal is getting new associates, but we already have some courses underway.” The main workshops run over a series of weekends and include transformational games, first developed in the Findhorn community in Scotland, voice harmonics, Reiki and Tarot. The centre also offers therapies such as Reiki, various massage techniques and crystal therapy. The founding members are all experienced in personal and spiritual development and offer a warm welcome to anyone wanting to join their weekly meditations or courses.


Asociación Antakarana

c/ Martina de la Rosa, Nº 177, 4ºb, Málaga.
Tel: 952 104 662, 650 233 524.
English spoken.

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