We all want to be happy, excited about life and fulfilled. Much has been written on how to become happier, and a lot of this wisdom focuses on changing belief systems. Change your beliefs, change your life.

Our beliefs not only colour our world, but actually create it in the moment it is being believed. The thoughts we believe in this moment determine whether we are peaceful or have some stress. We all have a developed belief system based on what we have been taught and exposed to and some of these beliefs work for our happiness, others are self-limiting and cause stress. If it were possible to will ourselves into believing what we wanted, we would all be happy. The real question is: how do I change my negative beliefs?

After years of depression, Byron Katie woke-up one morning in a state of bliss. What simultaneously woke-up within her were four simple questions of self-investigation that led to the complete and permenent end to her suffering. The Work of Byron Katie is a simple, yet very powerful tool that frees the mind from the painful beliefs that cause suffering and limitation. It can be learned by all, and can move life in the direction we want it to go. It can be applied to every area of life to help clear unhappiness, and for the first time workshops in the method are available in Andalucía


Philip J Jameson, LICSW is a psychotherapist from Providence, RI  USA and is now living and practicing in San Pedro. He is a graduate of The School for The Work, and has studied with and experienced many teachers and traditions before finding The Work. These include Don Miguel Ruiz, Yogi Amrit Desai, and Zen.

On Monday nights at 9pm, he and his wife lead a group where you can witness the transformative power of The Work at Centro Vida in San Pedro. For more information call 695 800 690, 676 284 534 or 952 789 907.

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