Carnelian: Working with Crystals part 2

CARNELIAN for the sacral chakra
The sacral chakra governed by water is the energetic centre of our emotions, where we connect with the female within us. For women this is the source of our energy, for men a chance to get in touch with their emotions. It is also the gusto behind our sexuality and all sexual organs.
Carnelian, an orange, red variety of the chalcedony family, is a vitalising and strengthening stone to use on the sacral chakra. I often equate her to an Irish red head or the Kate Winslet character in Titanic; vivacious, passionate, fiercely protective, funny and sexy. Carnelian takes the negativity out of a situation, allowing you to look at it clearly. Then it spurs you (with personal strength and energy) to take action to rectify the problem. It helps you trust your intuition, giving inspiration and teaching you about the giving and receiving of unconditional love and compassion.
A sexy stone, carnelian can help with sacral imbalances – from frigidity to sex addiction. Heightening desire, emotional attraction and vitality it uplifts us. It aids fertility and of course creativity. In balance carnelian also washes away guilt, fear, aggression, hatred envy and fury. Mental and personality disorders, phobias, and paranoia can all be grounded. This process empowers you to express emotions without neediness and without being defensive.
Physically carnelian has been used to repair damaged bones, ligaments and muscles. In an elixir it can heal cuts and abrasions. The lower back, lower intestines, abdomen, kidneys, urinary and sex organs are all treated with carnelian and colds and allergies relieved.
For those needing assistance with mental or personality disorders wearing a carnelian can help protect and strengthen you. You can charge creams by placing a crystal inside for a few days or more. This way you can apply carnelian energy to cuts and achy muscles. I enjoy relaxing with a carnelian placed over each ovary. Men may feel at home with it placed just below the belly button.

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