Citrine – Working with crystals part 3

A yellow variety of quartz. It is like sunshine and smiles in a stone. Turns all negativity into positivism – citrine is the difference between waking up on a rainy or sunny day. Mental and Emotional Attributes. Rushing straight to the solar plexus chakra, it releases knots of anger and frustration replacing them with joy and happiness, making it a vital stone the treatment of depression.
An under active solar plexus can be recognised by low self confidence, fear and loneliness. Citrine will re-empower us. When this chakra becomes over active there is anger, control, aggression and arrogance. Citrine balances and calms us.
Physical Attributes
As with the properties of dandelion, citrine brings a detox, helping release tension and anger caught in the liver, weight loss and constipation. The pancreas, gall bladder, spleen and stomach also benefit from citrine. It is also used for revitalisation and strength and is therefore ideal for conditions such as M.E.
Suggestions of ways to use a Citrine
Put citrine into a jug of water and charge it in the sun. Use this water for drinking.
Said to be the stone of abundance some keep a citrine in their wallet (remember to always use your crystals with the best intention).
So, if you’re feeling the need to offload and lighten up then maybe citrine is the stone for you!

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