Elemi vegetarian restaurant

Vegetarians living west of Fuengirola have reason to rejoice at the opening of Elemi, a new vegetarian restaurant serving lunch and evening menus near Estepona port. Although only open for a short time the restaurant has already picked up a loyal clientele of veggie and non-veggie alike inspired by their attention to quality ingredients and interesting menu. My first thought for a review was to spend an idle lunchtime working my way through the wraps, tapas and salads, until they opened for evening meals and I saw the full menu. The only option then was to book in for a night in Estepona. It is remarkable that Elemi is the only fully vegetarian restaurant between Fuengirola and Algeciras, although Ray Valentine is quick to point out that non-veggies should find plenty to whet their appetite as well. “We wanted to create a pleasant, contemporary setting which would be attractive to all-comers,” Ray told me while I was enjoying a delightful baked lentil and spinach Moussaka. “Our menu reflects international tastes including Lebanese, Indian, Italian and Moroccan ingredients.” Having already feasted on Roast Bell Peppers, stuffed with fruit and nut couscous and a yoghurt dressing I could see what he meant and hoped that the desserts were equally as tempting
951 273 885
Tuesday – Saturday
Opposite Estepona Bullring, near the Port
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