Energetic Animal Healing

This article is dedicated to my horses who represent the animal kingdoms and who have reminded me of the natural laws and ancient gnowing that we have in all of us. (Gnowing from the Greek "gnocere" which describes both analytical and intuitive knowing). This information was put together based on my guidance and experience in the energetic balancing of animals to facilitate their healing. The article first describes two ancient concepts that are necessary to help you understand the process of energy healing. It involves the idea of one truth – "love" and the "stuff" that we are all made of. They connect to concepts which were true and accessible to anyone prior to the existence of formal religion and are based on universal laws, albeit interpreted here by me. I would like to take you on a short imaginative journey and share a concept with you that may help you to understand what I have learnt about animal healing to date.
Imagine first of all that there is only one truth. This is not a human made truth but something that has more eyes to see, more hands to touch, more consciousness to perceive and thus more ability to understand than a human, like me. This truth is called love. Unconditional all encompassing love, with no "ifs" or "buts". The second thing I would like you to imagine is that everything, you, your body, the magazine you are reading right now, the cup of ‘cafe con leche’, the seat you sit on and the earth your feet touch is made from one and the same "stuff". This stuff, whatever you would like to call it, is " all around". So much so that it is "in between things". Like an artist or a photographer who does not just paint or see what "is", but heavily relies on "what is not"… as "the space in between things"…so this "stuff" is everywhere. The reason you see "what is" is because there is a denser concentration of stuff than there is where we perceive as "what is not". It is a vibration that has different frequencies and thus can be seen or perceive as light, colour, heat or sound or anything else that you have ever experienced. Ok, what has this amateurish explanation got to do with my passion for animals and the healing of them or indeed of us?
The term ‘healing’ has been widely used and sometimes misinterpreted, even put to the negative. In my experience we all heal all the time, maybe through writing an article or through listening to a friend, through watering the plants or indeed laying on of hands. If we define the expertise of a healer as facilitating healing, I have no problem with using the word "healer" and "healing" as indeed that is what we all do in different ways each day. For example, the car mechanic helps put things back where they belong, the dentist replaces or repairs gaps and the doctor prescribes drugs and exercise or possibly even an operation to mend that what is not functioning. They are helping or facilitating that what does not work to work again. None of these people heal, but facilitate healing. This is exactly what a healer does, the healer has been given the gift to help heal, just as the car mechanic has a gift to put a car together. Too simplistic? Ok, but for me a healer is just a person that has through many lifetimes or many years of dedication been given the tools, the knowing and the expertise to help heal a being.
Now back to the "stuff". If you imagine that all around us is made of "stuff" than you may accept that it does not matter if this stuff makes a tree or an animal or a human. Indeed it may well be the essence we all share. If you then put in the one truth of love, then we all share the same love and the same stuff. Ok? Ok.
Now then, why should an animal be able to be healed by a human? Well, it works both ways. First of all, I have to say that I perceive the current world out of balance. Meaning, that there is too much one sided stuff around. That of negativity and fear. I feel that many of us on earth have forgotten the one truth and are even scared of it. Yes, it is not easy to define what love is from a human point of view, but we can try. So, if I perceive that there is an imbalance on this planet at this time, and that this affects everything and everyone that lives on it, than I also accept that there is an imbalance in most of us. We are trying to balance this, and if healing is nothing else, it is facilitating a being to regain balance. Life for all of us is very changeable and full of things that we perceive as good, not good or even bad. The good things take care of themselves and the bad things may get stuck. So, over a number of days, weeks or years if the stuff that is not being dealt with, gets more dense and becomes what we would call a dis-ease. We are not at ease. We feel tense and we feel stressed and we feel we are blocked and can not be ourselves. So, why should this be different for the earth, nature and the animals around us? It is not. The difference is that many parts of earth, nature and animals have no chance to walk away and start afresh. At this time of earth’s life it seems to be us, the humans that are in control of most of the living space. This would be a great thing, if all would see us humans as caretakers of all the things around us. However, this world is full of different kinds of people. Some know more than others and others have only limited access to resources. Most people on this planet have so much to deal with their own life that they can hardly take care of their own body. How can you expect them to take care of someone else, human or animal?
If we could go back to the idea that we are all made of the same stuff and that there is only one truth – that of love, then we are all the same and in the same boat, and hurting another being is like hurting ourselves. However, many people do not remember that we, the humans are all made of the same as everything else on earth, neither do they remember that we are part of the same wheel, but not the wheel itself. As we are all living in an artificial world that in many ways was human made, and have to live with this inheritance, we can only ever give our best in each situation. The same applies to an animal. Many animals suffer trauma as we do. Many animals heal us, and we do not even realise. Whatever our path, the point I am trying to make is that we are here to help heal what is not in balance. So, we are here to facilitate those that have had painful things happen to them and release them. This is one way to use healing. A doctor does not directly heal the body, he mends through operation or medication or by his council, but the body heals by itself. The wound closes and if the cause has been healed so will the condition. A healer then, works with this in a similar way, he offers the other being his energy to help heal the wounds. As all is made of the same stuff but has different frequency, healing happens on many different levels. One cannot purely talk about the physical without considering the overall well being of a being. Animals are like humans, multidimensional.
I hope that this was not too abstract or challenging an explanation. Being in a human body on earth involves many levels, many that we may not understand. The fact that we may not understand something, nor see, hear or touch it, does not mean it does not exist. Rather than questioning its presence we can simply honour and respect it. The truth of love and the existence of stuff in everything on earth may not be enough of an explanation for some people. Rather than trying to read this article and understand my interpretation of the world around us, lets look at experiencing animal healing.
If you have an animal around you, please try the following, if you do not simply think of one that you know that may require some positive energy.
Now, the first step to healing is that the being, in this case I will call it the animal patient, is receptive to it. Therefore we need to follow some basic universal laws. The first one is to give it respect and therefore ask permission from the animal before doing anything. My advice on how to do this is as follows: When you approach any kind of animal, stop at some distance and greet it with your heart. The animal may be surprised that you treat him or her as an equal. You may open your heart and send love out with intent, before you even enter the animal’s space. Then check with "above" and "inside" and surrender your thought and ask if it is okay to offer your energy for healing. When you receive a ‘yes’, then you are able to approach closer. If you receive a ‘no’, then, please be honest to yourself and simply say: "Thank you, but I am not the right energy to offer you help and I send you love and send out the thought that someone else may enter your life to help you". Do not worry, something will be provided for this animal. When you get the ‘yes’ answer, first let the animal relax. Try at this point not to talk to the owner, or use human words. Just breathe, offer your heart and let the animal patient see your true intent. With your presence, send out that you are not here to hurt it, inflict further suffering or indeed eat it. The animal should come to you or at least look at you. Most animals will be able to see your energy, sense that what you say is what you mean and that you have come as a messenger. A messenger from the truth that is called love and are here offering to facilitate healing.
Having made this initial connection with your patient, and before you start using your hands, please connect with the truth called love. There are several ways to do this and each person is individual. I have been given one way that I would like to share with you: Open up to the energy above (heaven) and below (earth) through your breathing. First take a deep breath and breathe out. With the next deep breath you breathe in earth energy from under your feet and draw it up all the way through your body, when it reaches your head, breathe out of the top of your head. When you have completely exhaled, take the new breath from above, the energy of heaven and draw it down all the way to the soles of your feet. Completely exhale and take the next breath (2) from the earth below your feet and draw it all the way up to the top of your head. Exhale and take in the new breath from above, draw it through your body and breathe out when you reach the soles of your feet. Now take a new breath (3) from earth, drawing it through you, breathing it out at the top of your head, and inhale the energy from heaven and breathe it through your body, instead of pulling to your feet, breathe out when you get to the heart. This is called "Surrender to Spirit". Spirit describes that which is of a different dimension, a different frequency of stuff. This process also ensures that you channel pure love from the truth, not from any formula or secondary source, but you go to "the truth". You may feel the energy change within you and around you, and everyone will usually relax. In you inner heart (your inner head or mind, if you like) you then ask for everyone that has been ‘forever’ with you (for example your guides, helpers, ancestors, distant masters) to come and aid you in your act of service and union with the divine and then you ask their permission as well as kindly request the same from your animal patient’s guides and helpers. Please include the earth, stars, and universe and ‘forever’ to show your respect to the solar system you live in. As there is no time in the other dimension, you create a link with anyone who ever facilitated healing on earth, thus increasing your healing ability. Now, you are ready to place your hands, first on the energy field that surrounds the patient and then on any parts of the body you may be drawn to. The animal will often ask you for healing just because it is so relieved to receive help and show you by moving and pointing out where the hurt is. On one level it does not matter where you put your hands, the energy will go where it is needed. You may even heal with your thought and intent alone, in case you cannot get close enough to touch it. The "hands-on" session may last a few seconds, a couple of minutes, or hours. This depends on you, the energy on the day and your animal patient. You will simply get accustomed to when the energy has gone and then close the session with your "thank you" to all parties involved, including the animal patient. It may be necessary to do several sessions, as the animal patient must get used to your energy and will be able to relax more. Sometimes it may take an entire team of vet, chiropractor, acupuncturist and healer to work together on one animal patient to be able to shift the energy. The reason for needing several sessions and possibly a whole team is because we are still learning about energy healing. Also the origin of the dis-ease may not be recent but be from a past life or inherited from the parents at birth. In any case your act of healing has added to make this world a better place and bring it closer to balance. Remember, please, that everything can be healed. It is down to the thought of all involved, practical things like change in diet and lifestyle and most importantly – Time. Often we expect an immediate result for something that has taken a long time to manifest. Healing should really be part of preventative medicine and not a last resort.
If you do not have an animal that needs your attention, then you can always use the above described process for distant healing. You may have seen an animal in a garden or field and sense that it is need, please remember that you can always do something: Send it love. As long as you ask permission first, you can ask for it to receive what it needs. You are never powerless. There are some people feel that everything has its own path of development and we must not interfere. Well, just be aware that whether you do something or not in any situation you are involved in this animal’s path, may it be passively or actively. Remember that you always have the right to intervene, as long as you follow the guidance on asking permission and offer your healing energy to your highest good for all involved.
Coming back to the "stuff" we are all made off, I need to add something important. Although we share the essence of everything that is and ever was and are made of the same stuff, each being, may it appear in human form, as a plant or animal has a unique energy pattern. Each of us is different and thus an individual. Your energy pattern is like your finger print. Although we all connect to the same energy, that of the one truth called love, it depends on our individual energy how it is manifested. Therefore one healer may be able to help an animal better than another and also one treatment may work for one animal and the next animal needs a different type. No-one can ever be replaced, neither can an animal or a plant. When looking for the right healer to facilitate healing of your animal, speak to several or get recommended but decide before you introduce them to your animal if you feel okay with them and trust their truth. The service of healing has nothing to do with any kind of religion, faith or spirituality. It does not matter whether you are a believer or a sceptic, it works. It helps to be as open and trusting as you can be, but it is not essential.
May I add at this point that being ill or not at ease is as much a part of the world as is the need for your service as a healer and our connection to the one truth – love. As all is made of the same stuff, energy is only bad if it is blocked or foreign to the body or soul it is stuck to. It is not you, the healer, but the patient’s willingness to live that makes him or her heal. You are as much a tool for healing as the patient is a tool for what needs to be healed or released. However, you are an important tool because it takes a physical body to manifest this type of healing energy on earth at this moment. You are important and unique in how you approach it, and I would like you to realise that without all three, you, the patient and the divine love, there would be no community and no healing. Domesticated animals have given themselves to service for us and we need to honour this and them by being their guardians and care takers. Otherwise we are the less evolved souls on this planet. A sick animal merely shows it has taken on energy that needs to be released or processed and this can be any kind of energy. For example an animal may have come into your life to heal you. It may take on energies that you and your body alone cannot deal with and the animal patient’s dis-ease may be a manifestation of yours, even if you have not had any symptoms. On the other hand, many healthy and balanced animals use their bodies to help release the blocked energy of a human. For example a cat sitting on your lap and sharing and exchanging the energy, may just help you heal and release something. You may not be conscious of it, but the animal is.
Whatever your form of healing is, simply caring for an animal, feeding it or stroking it, each time you help heal an animal you create an energy pattern that will make it easier for the next healer person to do so too. You have also manifested healing energy at the place you worked and for all those that were involved. This will help the next animal in need to receive healing.
The other way of helping to heal animals is to heal yourself. Self-healing may be the most simple or the most difficult kind of healing. To heal yourself is also the most powerful way of becoming good at giving healing to others. Ask yourself what bothers you most about yourself or your life, then start looking for an answer. Simply put out the thought (for example), "I would like to heal my fear of my own power". You will be guided by inspiration. Someone MAY lend you a book, you see an article or you may decide to take a holiday to have time and peace to find out more. In helping and healing yourself you give to earth the most precious gift and thus help heal the imbalance in energy. Your are the most powerful solution to the current challenges on earth. In taking responsibility for your own healing the energy around you will shift and help heal everyone that you come in contact with, may they be human or animal. Whatever your path, be kind to yourself and to others and all that is around you.

Article written by Birgit Bartels.
International healer based in Germany (Baltic Sea area) and Spain (Andalucia).
Webpage available in German (Pferdemassagekurse.net), English (Horsemassagecourses.net) and Spanisch (Cursosdemasajeacaballos.net).
Qualified as an Animal Naturopath (Tierheilpraktiker) and work with many natural therapies to facilitate healing in animals.

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