Foundation FAADA Protection of Wild Animals in Captivity

Hundreds of wild animals like elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, bears, camels, zebras and baboons are exploited in Spain for lucrative business opportunity for some people. They are incapable of providing basic conditions for the animals that satisfy their needs, whether they be physical or psychological. The training methods used are based on violence and submission of the animals by fear.


FAADA intends to follow these circus’s that exist in Spain, for this we would appreciate your assistance to inform us if you know of any existing circus that uses animals in whichever location. We need information of where the circus is or was located, dates and especially which animals they were using.
For more information about the suffering of the animals in the circus:
FAADA is the Spanish online representative for wild animals in captivity; ENDCAP:
Fundación FAADA
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