Fulfilment – The key to happiness

What is fulfilment? How can I attain it? How can I be fulfilled in this world? Jessica MacGregor Johnson hears these questions all the time in her Life Coaching practise. More than ever people are questioning how they can live their lives with a true feeling of fulfilment. In the first of an occasional series Jessica explores some possible answers.
I believe that fulfilment comes from an inner experience, whereas our current world would have us think that it’s something to do with what we have or do. In truth it is directly connected with how we are – our (human) being. We can feel fulfilled whatever is happening in our lives, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is hunky-dory. We could be going through the most challenging time and yet still feel fulfilled. I believe this is because fulfilment comes from living in line with our own personal values. Once we identify our values and live them, then that congruence has a very special feeling. 
Values are totally personal to us, the enduring beliefs by which we live by, like Honesty, Respect and Love. What is important to you may not be important to me. One way of identifying personal values is to think of a time when you felt compromised or frustrated or angry in a situation. Your experiences during these times highlight our own personal values. Joyous moments can also be good at illuminating them, times when everything is perfect. What was going on then, what value was being lived in that moment?
Once you identify your values, you need to be honest and ask yourself – are we living by our values? Where do we compromise too much? Is our work in line with our values? Do our personal relationships reflect what is important to us? Do we live our lives guided by our own blueprint? If the answer is yes then great. If the answer is no then can start to address the areas of our lives where we are incongruent, take responsibility and make the changes necessary to bring our lives back into line with who we truly are.
In this way we will begin to live fulfilled lives. I often speak to people who, although they are dealing with the challenges in their life they feel much more alive and complete by living their values. When we do that it rubs off on those around us and our world is a better, happier place.

INFO: Jessica works as a Life Coach enabling people to follow their dream and gain fulfilment in every area of life. She offers a free introductory session; please call 958 639 593, email jessica@jessicamcgregorjohnson.com or visit www.jessicamcgregorjohnson.com

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