Hair Scare

Our body is a finly balanced machine that regulates itself constantly with respect to its environment. When the system is out of balance, whether through stress or lifestyle it can have many consequences, one of which is hair loss. A new natural product was launched recently to help not only to combat this but also to actually reverse the process and stimulate new hair growth.

Using pure coconut and essential oils, handmade aragan oil from the Atlas mountains and extracts of fresh fruits, green plant, flowers and herbs, the Ziravie range, when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition has been proven to be effective in replenishing thinning hair and baldness. Traditionally, in many parts of the world when life was a bit slower, parents would massage their children’s scalps with oils on the veranda and together with a diet rich in minerals and vitamins, this resulted in strong healthy hair. Any programme of external nourishment using the Ziravie products should be supplemented by an internal programme of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, drinking plenty of healthy water, managing stress and toxicity, exercising and meditating.

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