How about a healthier nervous system?

As we start each year, many of us will make the usual resolutions to stop smoking, to lose weight and get more exercise. Perhaps, instead, we should look at other areas of our fitness – to reduce our stress levels, to adopt a more positive mental attitude, or how about achieving a healthier nervous system?
“Pardon?” you may say. One important function that is often sadly ignored is the ‘master control system’ for the body. It is your brain and nervous system which causes your heart to beat 72 times per minute, 103,680 times every 24 hours and pump 4320 gallons of blood through nearly 100,000 miles of blood vessels, thus supplying oxygen and nourishment to every cell in your body, some 50-75 trillion of them. Today you will breathe 23,000 times, digest over 1 ½ kilos of food, drink and process about 3 litres of liquid and speak about 4,800 words, moving 600 muscles and exercising millions of brain cells.
Your nervous system controls every function of the body and when the nerve impulses flow smoothly and unimpeded as nature intended, a person enjoys health and a feeling of well-being. But, when there is interference in normal nerve function health trouble is virtually inevitable.
The spinal column protects the delicate spinal cord and the nerves leading from it. When it becomes misaligned, the column does not protect. Instead, the misaligned spinal bones impinge vital nerves which cause interference with normal nerve function (a subluxation). A fall or injury, stress or strain or emotional shock may produce subluxations –really living everyday life.
Sometimes misaligned vertebrae correct themselves. Most subluxations need outside assistance however and that is what chiropractic care achieves.
To help reach your health resolution, chiropractic care offers an action plan that works through scientifically-based natural healing methods – it doesn’t depend on drugs or surgery for its success.
Resolve to take a small step today and ensure your tomorrows are transformed by making chiropractic part of your life.
By Timothy Errington BSc DC.
Dr Errington carries out a free health talk at his office in Guadalmina. Call 952 880 398 for details. Marbella Chiropractic 952 880 398
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