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Practitioners of complementary medicine follow a holistic approach. They use a wide range of manual tools to listen to the client’s physical, mental and emotional condition. In his clinic in San Pedro, Dr. Manniello Donato believes that the success of a good therapist is in the original diagnosing of the problem. “Treating symptoms does not address the cause. My work is finding the root cause by thorough examination and then finding the appropriate treatment.” For Manniello, currently finishing off a phD in complementary medicine, diagnosis includes a detailed evaluation of the patient’s condition using a detailed questionnaire. This information along with detailed analysis of the twelve pulses used in Chinese Medicine, gives a good overview of the root cause of the problem. All treatment is very specific to each person and their particular set of conditions, but starts with a structural check to make sure everything is in balance. “The foundation of my training is osteopathy and physiotherapy, and other disciplines such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine allow me to provide very specific treatments for many conditions, “Dr. Donato explained. This holistic approach is what distinguishes complementary medicine apart from the allopathic approach adopted in mainstream medicine which still focuses heavily on symptomatic treatment.
Dr. Donato Manniello Clinic in San Pedro
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