Mandarin – Aromatherapy Oils and their uses

Mandarin (Citrus Reticulata)
Mandarin, like all citrus, is a high note, which means its aroma is very volatile and disperses rapidly. It’s ruled by the Sun. Mandarin is much appreciated in China, and has been since antiquity. Mandarins were offered to the Blue Emperor’s counsellors and its skin was used to prepare medicines. The therapeutic properties of mandarin essence are much like those of orange. 
Bath, oil burner, facial oil, oils and massage lotions.
Should not be used on skin before sunbathing.
Properties and applications:
Antiseptic, tonic, antispasmodic, sedative and calmative it can help with insomnia (two drops on the pillow). Also for digestive complaints it helps digestion, stimulates the gastric and hepatic (liver) functions and improves lymphatic circulation. Also favours the re-absorption of liquids from the tissue in the case of fluid-retention and cellulitis.. Its gentle action makes it appropriate for small children; it calms when they are nervous and alleviates stomach upsets. It’s excellent for skin care, especially problem skin. It tonifies and tightens the skin (good to try with clary sage). The use of mandarin is safe throughout all stages of pregnancy.
Essence extracted from: rind, by cold pressing.
Baby Massage Oils
To 50ml sweet almond oil add:
2 drops mandarine
3 drops lavander
Relaxing after a bath and aids sleep along with strengthening immunity.
Face Oil
To a spoonful of vegetable oil (almond, avocado, olive …) add:
1 drop of mandarine
Massage face avoiding delicate eye area. Revitalising and visibly improves skin appearance. Remember, it is to be avoided before exposure to the sun.

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