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Nagomi Spa is expanding, its capacity has now doubled thanks to the recent extension of their facilities. The spa´s success over the last 3 years justifies its now ubiquitous presence throughout the residential area of La Reserva del Higuerón, Nagomi´s main characteristics, well being and relaxation, have even imbued the concept of the 4 star hotel currently being built at the site.
Throughout its new phase, Nagomi Spa will continue to meet all your mind, body, and spirit needs by providing a beautiful place to relax and disconnect from the bustle of everyday life. Their wide range of holistic therapies such as Reiki, most types of massage (Thai, Shiatsu, Californian and Ayurvedic amongst others), specific treatments for pregnancy, custom designed detox diets and Bach flower therapy guarantee a satisfying experience for all. Nagomi Spa is also making the most of their new ample facilities by starting two parallel lines of education. On one hand there will be low impact classes ranging from Tai Chi, Pilates, yoga and belly dance, but for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of certain alternative disciplines, Nagomi have organised a whole series of workshops and courses. December features lessons in Feng Shui, music therapy and Reiki. One weekend seminar planned for the weekend of the 7th of December is called New Therapies and Quantum Physics which will give a scientific explanation of why natural therapies work. Another not-to-be-missed event is the Special Christmas Meditation, where the winter solstice will be celebrated with the innovative BioYoga method. This will be the first session ever held in the spa’s new dedicated meditation room. In addition to these weekend courses there are other ongoing courses such as the Ayurvedic Massage course which aim to take students to a professional level. February 2008 marks the start of the Spa Technician course, providing comprehensive training in holistic therapies and makes Nagomi Spa one of the most innovative and best equipped schools in the country.  According to Alicia Nevado, the spa’s director “we found it hard to find qualified personnel for the centre, so we decided to offer specialised training ourselves”.

Sporty types will be happy to know that the gym has also doubled in size, there’s a brand new spinning room, a second pool will be opening soon and there are plenty of outdoor paddle and tennis courts. A hairdressing and beauty salon is also included in the spa. Despite the quality of the installations, you can expect very reasonable rates for all the services offered at Nagomi. Therapies, workshops and ongoing classes are all fairly priced and well thought out. Nagomi have also designed special offers such as their luxurious Spa Day which combines access to their fantastic water circuit, with a 30 minute treatment, and a special menu at the exclusive Airen Restaurant also located within Reserva del Higuerón. Everything at Nagomi has been set up for your well being, once you’re feeling great you’ll want to share the benefits with your loved ones so why not buy them a Nagomi Spa gift voucher this Christmas?

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