Pinsapo: making a difference one tree at a time

From protesting the developments in  the pine forests of Naguelles to petitioning to have the Sierra Blanca included in the Biosphere reserve of Sierra de la Nieves, Pinsapo have been fighting to protect our natural heritage for over 15 years.

Through their annual programme of activities, Pinsapo not only give voice to many campaigns to raise awareness of threats to our environment, they also help people get to know the beautiful places that we are surrounded by. From tree planting schemes and educational trips to guided walks in the forests, Pinsapo give people the contact with nature that helps us to understand our relationship with and responsibility for our environment.

Chispa recently joined Pinsapo on a tree planting excursion to the Refugio de Juanar helping to reforest an area with pine, oak and chestnut. “This is a great initiative,” enthused editor Phil Speirs. “Not only do I feel that I am putting something back as a magazine publisher but also it’s a chance to make a difference locally and show my children the importance of respecting nature.”

Pinsapo’s latest project is to have the Sierra Blanca area above Marbella, with its delicate ecosystem, declared a protected zone as part of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, in an effort to halt the ever expanding developments that are steadily eroding the natural beauty of the area. “We are a small group of concerned residents from the Marbella area,” Antonio Calvo, president of the Association explained. “We need all the help we can get to raise awareness of these issues and invite everyone to come and join us on our excursions to see just how fantastic the natural world is around Marbella.” They are hoping to hold a photographic exhibition in Cortijo Miraflores in Marbella and are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the project.

Pinsapo are just one of a growing network of local environmental groups promoting and protecting the nature of Andalucía. La Chispa caught up with Trevor Taylor in the Alpujarras to find out about another scheme sponsored by retreat centre Cortijo Romero. “Since 2004 we have planted over 1500 trees and Cortijo Romero offer a special half price week’s holiday for people interested in coming from abroad to participate,” Trevor told La Chispa. “It’s essential work to preserve the natural habitat, prevent soil erosion and maintain the ecosystem.” The project, run as a foundation, engages the local population as well as visitors to Cortijo Romero, and is well supported by the local council. Such schemes are run in many areas of southern and people interested in participating should contact their local eco-group. Cortijo Romero offer further discounts for residents who book on their tree planting and other courses.


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