Quality of Life: Cancer, Another View

Our research team has been investigating healthy living for more than 30 years and their research has led to some exciting insights into changing from a ‘cancerous’ lifestyle to a ‘recovery’ lifestyle. Here they look at one of their case studies and how they construct a ‘wholistic’ personalised program to restore wellbeing.

The Patient
A lady in her mid-sixties had leukemia and contacted us for help. In 2004 and 2006 she had had chemotherapy four times which not only killed the cancerous cells – it almost killed her! She was struggling to get back on track as she felt worn out and tired since the chemo. All her blood counts were well below the normal ranges – haemoglobin, the white blood cells, indicating the immune defense level, and platelet levels, reflecting the coagulation ability of the blood. All this indicated that she really did have a good reason for being tired so we started by carrying out a Live Blood Analysis and then designed an intensive personal program at our Health Resort in the mountains of Granada to help her to get fit again.

‘When the fish is sick – change the water’ is a saying we often use. For a fish the environment is the water, for a human being the liquid/fluid in the body, but can also refer to their physical environment – family life, job, emotional state, ambitions and mission in life. Our client’s old lifestyle had helped create the environment for cancer to develop, exploiting her weak spots and low levels of defence. The challenge was to find these weak spots. Based on the Body and Mind connection our first job was to get her blood cells back to normal functioning.

The Treatment
In order to stop her developing cancers she not only needed a lot of nutrition and therapy to wake up the bone marrow again, she also needed personal tools to change her Lifestyle and repair emotional scars. She was very motivated and full of hope for a better future when she arrived for her two week stay. Under analysis her red blood cells were not in good shape and there were a lot of waste products such as crystals and fermented sugars and yeasts. The ‘fish tank’ was quite polluted.

Her tailor-made programme included five personal sessions a day to boost the immune defense system and the production of the red blood cells. We made sure that the building blocks for making healthy blood were there, creating a special liquid supplement with amino acids, iron, chlorophyll, the essential B-vitamins and essential oils to help absorb and build up the minerals in the haemoglobin molecule. We used oxygen therapy, so the body immediately incorporated the hem-iron she was given and we started an exercise programme to increase the circulation of the liquid between the cells, cleansing the lymphatic system and helping her to get the toxins out of the body. This also aligned the minerals in the body, helping to build new blood cells. Acupuncture helped to stimulate cleansing, assimilation and the healing process, while massage therapy helped with lymphatic cleansing and reflexology cleansed and stimulated the immune system.

We also worked with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which worked very well for her so we had sessions daily and used meditation, relaxation and other personal transformation tools. She had large dosis of  Selenium, Vitamin E and Glutathione and other strong antioxidants.

After two weeks her final Live Blood examination showed the red blood cells moving freely around in good shape and the blood fluid was much cleaner. On her final day she was eager to go home and have the counts tested: “The way I feel so much better now must surely influence the blood counts!” It did: all the levels had increased to a more normal level, which was an amazing result in just two weeks and her cancer specialist in the Royal Hospital was interested in hearing how she did so well.

She remarked that it was the first time since the cancer in 2004 that she felt on top again – ready to explore more in her life! We hope that this will give inspiration and hope to people who need it. Miracles can happen, and nourished by a positive spirit of life and realistic common sense they can happen more often.

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Pernille Knudtzon, MD
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