Rosemary – Aromatherapy oils and their uses

Rosemary was one of the first plants used for medicinal, cooking and religious purposes. Traces of rosemary have been found in Egyptian tombs, and due to its antiseptic properties it used to be burnt in hospitals as well. Rosemary is an excellent brain stimulant and is said to improve memory. Just by inhaling a few drops, one feels mental clarity which helps the thinking processes. Another known effect of rosemary is tonifying the heart and liver, it can also help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Its penetrating aroma makes it a valuable oil for many respiratory problems, ranging from the common cold to sinusitis and asthma. In these cases it is best used by inhaling its vapours. It is a good analgesic and is used in massage, baths and compresses to alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. It also has many properties to care for the hair and skin. It can help with hypertension and also concentration during studies.

Mid-note: Distilled from flower tips and leaves, rosemary grows spontaneously all over the Mediterranean coast.
Properties: General stimulant, energetic, tonic, antiseptic, good for the liver, anti-rheumatic, analgesic, aids digestion, increases sweating, diuretic, antispasmodic, reduces scarring, stimulates menstruation, anti-diarrheic, astringent and aphrodisiac.
Main recommended uses: Weakness, excess of physical and mental work, stress, impotence, frigidity, depression, convalescence, migraine, palpitations, rheumatic and muscular pains, gout, hypertension, liver problems, bad digestion, colitis, diarrhoea, high cholesterol, flu, colds, cough, dismenorrhea, skin issues (acne, dandruff, etc.) and hair loss.
Treatment for Dandruff
10 drops of eucalyptus oil
15 drops of rosemary
50ml olive oil
Massage the whole head, leave and continue to wash with a suitable shampoo such as Ziravie –
Muscle pains
5 drops camomile
10 drops rosemary
2 drops fennel
2 drops lemon
In 50ml vegetable oil (almond, peanut or olive)
Citrica Pizarra 952 483 066
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