Terra Sana, more than just a restaurant

Terra Sana, a rapidly growing chain of restaurants and express outlets in the Marbella area has been a pioneering business from the outset, bringing healthy, modern and artistic fusion cooking to the coast, as well as creating a hip, funky atmosphere in their flagship restaurant in Nueva Andalucía. Terra Sana is expanding, building on the success of a well respected brand, and they are doing it with green credentials firmly at the forefront. La Chispa went to find out more.

Although only seven years old, Terra Sana has made a big impact in the Marbella area, and as they expand they want to keep the recipe the same – good healthy food made with fresh, local ingredients and a laid back friendly atmosphere. Diversifying into Express outlets and upmarket new premises in the Golden Mile allows them to keep their creativity flowing and introduce new and innovative ideas from their kitchens. Integrated into their growth is a commitment to being environmentally friendly and developing sustainable business practices in every aspect of their operation. They already use recycled material in all their menus and printing material, have hosted awareness raising events and make a clear statement of their green intentions with notice boards filled with environmental messages and green tips. The Terra Sana team feel it is important to use what influence they have to promote environmental issues while still running a successful, commercial business. “We strive to create a natural and healthy atmosphere in our restaurants and I think this has been part of our success,” explained Eva Sweeney, co-owner of Terra Sana. “The Life Team is a new endeavour inviting people to join with us and get involved in supporting environmental campaigns, raising money and also physically participating in tree planting and other green activities.” Eva enthusiastically outlined plans for working together with local environmental groups. “The Life Team concept helps us connect our customers with important local issues and gets people involved at a grass roots level.”

Terra Sana restaurants and Express oulets in and around Marbella at www.terrasana.net
Sign up to the The Life Team at lifeteam@terrasana.net
See Headspace for information about activities we will be supporting in the coming months and sign up to our newsletter at www.lachispa.net for up to date information on environmental campaigns in your area.

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