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Crystal therapy is an alternative and holistic therapy that’s easy to enjoy during everyday living. Crystals have many beneficial properties that can be experienced in many ways from placing crystals around your home to drinking crystal charged water. Bridie Jackson takes you through a step by step guide to using your stones…
The first step in using crystals is choosing the crystals. Here you just have to trust that we are always attracted to the crystal we need at that time. This occurs via a magnetic transference of energies between you and the crystal. I would recommend putting away your crystal books for a while and trust your intuition instead.
Your crystal is constantly drawing in energy from the environment around it; therefore it is a good idea to cleanse your crystals before use. The ideal method of cleansing is water and the more natural the source the better such as rivers or fountains. Then you add your intention. Don’t be afraid to create little ceremonies to help intensify any intentions as a ritual is intention in practice. The clearer your intention the cleaner the crystal.
Once you have a pristine crystal, the next step is to feel something. Most people tend to be cynical until they experience something first hand. Crystals contain properties of piezoelectricity and pyro electricity, and it is this that you may sense or feel when you hold onto a stone. Crystal energies are usually experienced as a warm tingling sensation although it is possible for some to sense their energies as smells or tastes.
Try holding a crystal in your writing hand, circle clock-wise, slowly over your other palm. This is a simple exercise to help you experience how crystal energy feels. You can also try smelling or tasting your crystals. I find some are minty others zesty. The way we feel a crystal gives us insight into the personality of the stone and therefore a clue as to the way it may help us. For example a crystal point that looks bright rather than milky, yellow, feels very tingly, hot and smells and tastes of lemon is likely to
help give us energy, vitality or help digestion. It is not likely to help with insomnia! However a crystal that’s been tumbled (rounded), is milky, and pink will be calming, gentle and loving.
Bringing these new energies into your own energetic field will help to balance your own energy patterns. Once our energy centres or ‘chakras’ have been balanced, the energy traveling through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies will bring better balance and well being. Each crystal vibrates with its own unique frequency. High frequency crystals like citrine can raise and enliven low energy such as found in cases of depression, low self confidence and disease. In contrast a low frequency crystal such as rose quartz can be used to calm and cool high frequency imbalances such as infection, burns, skin problems, anger and restlessness. There is a vast array of crystals and from the spectrum of energies they offer it is possible to find the exact energy needed to aid in healing a whole variety of illnesses. Crystals can help most conditions and in healthy people they help maintain this balance. Crystals can also be used to heighten spiritual awareness and psychic development. Place crystals in “configurations”, “grids” or “lay-outs” around your body, and the intensity of a healing or meditation will be amplified. A sample configuration may be to sit within a five pointed star, or another powerful configuration is to lie within a triangle of crystals. Place one at each foot and another at the head, at first with all the points facing out and relax for up to 20 minutes. This clears all the negative energies. Follow this with another 20 minutes but with the points facing in, this helps to recharge and balance you and you should be able to appreciate the different flow of energy.
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