The Forever Needle: Treating Parkinson’s Disease the natural way

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease that affects motor ability and is generally considered to be caused by a lack of dopamine activity in the brain. It can have a gradually devastating effect on the sufferer and their care network and while medication can help alleviate symptoms there is no known cure, and many of the pharmaceutical options come with unpleasant side effects as well as diminishing effectiveness over time. Natural medicine is often overlooked by the medical establishment, and yet can often provide effective and long lasting solutions to many illnesses with few of the side effects. In the fight against Parkinson’s disease a German doctor, neurologist and acupuncturist has found a remarkably effective panacea, one he discovered quite by accident.

Dr. Ulrich Werth, now running his clinic in Valencia, had placed a fine acupuncture needle in a meridian point in a patient’s ear to help alleviate chronic pain. This seemed to work and the patient reported much greater improvement than the doctor would have expected from one session. On examining the patient’s ear he noticed the tip of the needle had been left in the acupuncture point and so began the development of the ‘Forever Needle’. Over the last seven years Dr. Werth has treated over 2,500 people by implanting tiny titanium needles permanently in up to 100 specially chosen acupuncture points in the ear, and has had remarkable success treating Parkinson’s Disease symptoms as well as other complaints. On a recent visit to Málaga Dr. Werth told La Chispa, “I am hoping to take this discovery to Mohammad Ali, and if we can help such a famous person then I am sure many others will want to know about the Forever Needle.”

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