Time Shift: Power Animals

We don’t have to be indigenous people living in the rainforest to ask for an animal to guide and empower us. For me, some inner journeys with animals have arisen when I least expected them. The choice of the word ‘power’ invariably leads the seeker to look for physical power so instead the words ‘empowerment through an animal’ might be appropriate. In the western world we mistakenly behave as though Nature is there to subjugate at will, unlike most indigenous peoples of other cultures who still live in harmony with animals and know they have much to teach.

Take time to sit on your patio, favorite rock or by a tree. Put aside concerns for what to cook tonight or whether to do the washing. Be silent; observe shapes on tree trunks and rocks, or whisps of cloud in sky above. Perhaps waves on the sea ‘speak’ to you! Allow your thoughts to flow around and over the world you observe. Close your eyes, quietly ask for an animal or creature to come to you. Don’t be anxious if nothing happens immediately. Often a physical animal doesn’t appear but messages come in the form of symbols or sounds. You may find that you spontaneously ‘become the animal’ and use its senses to guide you.

You may well be surprised at what comes and whatever it is, greet it. Remain in your own power and limit any fear. Animals always have something to teach us. Their senses are often far superior to ours. The sense of smell in a dog, or fox, or wolf outweighs ours by many hundred times. The eyes of an eagle can focus on a mouse by a bush from some 500 ft in the air!

Once you have met your animal ask what has it to teach? How does it move, what are its night-time habits, how does it avoid its predators? Is it sure footed? Is it masculine or feminine in its ways? What are its protective habits toward its young? Take time to explore all its attributes. Is it teaching you about danger, softness, how to fly, how to run? What can its skin, fur or feathers teach you? When you have finished your experience with the animal, thank it for coming to you and ask that it contacts you again. Take time to consider what you have learnt from the animal that you may need to know and use in your daily life – and don’t go around talking about your inner experiences!

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