Time Shift, The Medicine Wheel

Enter a world both ancient and traditional among many indigenous nations. The medicine wheel may conjure up mystery, unfamiliar ceremony, tribal ways and most particularly the Red Indian nations of North America. Within a Medicine Wheel the colours and directions (east, west, north, south) form a focus and it is a sacred space for those who use it for ceremony. You don’t have to be ‘Indian’ and you don’t have to deny your religious beliefs to make or use one: it is simply a means to define and honour natural cycles of time and space, to be in touch with nature and the elements of fire, water, air and earth. It adds an important focus to your meditation routine if created indoors or outside.
Why ‘Medicine’? This is good medicine and can only be used for that purpose and it is natural medicine enabling our physical self to merge with the core of our spirituality.
A Central American Mayan Medicine Wheel appears in the first instance to offer the four directions on a physical plane giving respect to East (red) The Place of New Beginnings. West (Blue / black) Land of our Ancestors. North (white) the Pole star / the Raised up World Tree, and South (yellow), Harvest / the fruits of our labour. To these are usually added 3 more directions, above (the Source / center of Creation), below (Mother Earth) and within (our heart). It can touch our inner self at many different levels.
Make your own, either a small space in a part of your home where you can be quiet, or in your garden, much larger enabling you to walk it. Find special stones, crystals or markers and place them in the four directions.
Earth is my body
Water is my blood
Air my breath
Fire my spirit
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