Time Shift: The Path of Human Being

In our daily lives, minds, thoughts and energies are dispersed in myriad directions. We cannot seem to find our centre, our sense of clarity, our touch with the sacred, our connection with the essence of just ‘Being’. One way to reclaim that holy core is to create a simple space where our own divine being can be drawn out. When I spend time with Indigenous Elders in Central American countries I find altars or shrines everywhere, inside their home, where they grow their food or in some cave on a mountainside, something we in the west have lost touch with.

By creating your own sacred space you have somewhere you can escape from life’s daily demands. You are a human Being, not a human Doing so just spending 15 minutes each day in this way will soon make a noticeable difference to you – in mind, body and spirit!

1. Choose an area indoors or outdoors that you find particularly attractive or peaceful. Size of the space is not important. If indoors, clear out that space until it is completely empty.

2. Begin by deciding what you will not have in this space; mobile phone, money & personal detractions. Mark the space in someway so that when others see you there, they will not disturb you.

3. Using a shelf or simple table, make an altar focus, covering it with a cloth of white, gold or soft warm colour. Arrange objects that are special to you on this altar: small vase for flowers, special picture or photo, incense or joss stick container, bell or drum, crystals.

4. Collect together four items that symbolically represent earth, air, fire and water and arrange them around a candleholder with candle. (e.g. air may be represented by a feather)

5. Sit in your space for a moment and reflect whether anything needs to be added or taken away.

6. Now take off your shoes, light incense or joss stick and with a feather, gently brush the smoke into every part of your space, mindful that you are purifying your sanctuary. Then say quietly a few words of dedication.

This special space you have created can form a bridge to ‘other worlds’; ancestors, light beings, angels, animal guides. Remember to keep it clean, physically & psychically; changing flowers and refreshing the environment. They have much to teach us in those quiet moments of meditation, contemplation or prayer.

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