To be Present: Saying YES from inside

Saying YES from inside, accepting everything and each one as they are, flowing. The mind is about resisting, wanting something different to whatever you have or it is in your life; judging, rejecting and separating. To be present, living in the here and now, saying YES, is the best gift to all those around us, in any area of our lives. This is, of course, a challenge, and we need to be alert, aware of the thousand of ways and times that we say NO to ourselves, to others and to life.

Begoña Velazquez looks at saying YES to life.

 To be present means to be in touch with ourselves, our emotions, our body, to face life’s challenges without running away physically or mentally. Saying YES to life as it is, without “but”…. YES to our parents, partners, children, pain and tears, laughter and lonliness.
Breathe deeply and relax in the yes

Saying YES puts us in the flow, listening to our body, its movement, silence, action. If we allow it, our body instinctively lives in a YES to life, to our roots, our ancestors, in peace with our family system, dancing with creation. It is very interesting observing children, and how, before conditioning weighs them down, they live in the here and now, with loads of energy, living their emotions, crying, having a tantrum, laughing, without pretending, living from the depth of their being, from their body not from the mind. Living from the mind, with all its conditioning, is exhausting.

We believe that living fully is to do whatever we feel like, to be independent; but these are made up in the mind. No one is independent, we are part of something much greater than ourselves, our family system, our roots – they are always there, we cannot give up on them, we can only switch off, pretend they are not there, pretend they don’t affect our life and our decisions. As human beings we are very good at pretending, it is part of our conditioning.

Bert Hellinger
, the German theologian, philosopher and therapist creator of Family Constellations says … “When, by this way, an order is established within the family, the individual can leave it behind him and follow his way feeling backed up, supported by the family. Only when the connection and bond to his family is acknowledged and the responsibility understood and shared, the individual can feel free to continue his own particular path, without being afraid of the past holding him back or weighing him down”.

When left alone the mind is always in reaction, judging and separating, making us and others superior or inferior, better or worse, comparing, wanting to fit in, to belong to a group; making our body and ourselves its slaves, living in a NO to our being; always in the past, in the future, what is missing from life, regrets, making plans, running away from the present moment, from feeling. No wonder we are so tired, depressed, anxious with panic attacks and headaches. Life becomes boring, and then we need intensive emotions, drama, to be on the edge so we can feel something, to shake us from our numbness.

It is an everyday choice, in every moment, Am I right now in a YES or in a NO? Am I saying NO to anyone in this moment? Am I listening to my body, to my intuition? What if I just say YES?

YES   —————      NO

Body                     Mind

Being                    Ego

Flowing                Stuck

Feel                      Disconnect

Intuition               Reasoning

Join                      Separate

Expand                Contract

Unlimited             Limited


Begoña Velasco, Yoga Teacher.

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