Turquoise – Working with Crystals part 5

When we gaze into a turquoise a sense of blue skies and expansive freedom spans out before us, air rushes through us blowing away the cobwebs and releasing all negativity upwards, to the light. We are left feeling fresh, pure and clean and gently supported by the fluffy cloud softness of turquoise. A deep relaxation follows.

In meditation this relaxation lifts our consciousness to the sky, helping us to float up from our earthly ties, but at the same time its crystalline nature keeps us firmly anchored to the ground. In this way turquoise helps to connect Father sky and Mother earth, balancing the male and female in us.

In every day life Turquoise brings a breath of fresh air that encourages change and new adventures. Having been cleared of our worries, we are left with a fresh sense of clarity and focus, the sky becomes the limit. With the spirit of the Eagle, we soar high above our lives, able to view it from a new perspective. There we have time and space to hover and observe until the time is right to take action.

The relaxed space turquoise allows, aids communication. The heart has time to connect with the throat, we have time to stop, breath, and relax before we speak, and we are open to the truth. A lightness of spirit comes with turquoise, helping us to laugh at cynicism and grumpiness.

Turquoise offers healing to any physical condition. Due to its relaxing, balancing properties the nervous and muscular systems gain relief, mental issues are calmed. Cell reproduction and the immune system are boosted. Eye problems gain clarity, trapped wind and air (especially affecting the ears and digestive system) are released. The thyroid gland that controls how we metabolise food is balanced (aiding our mental and physical activity) and the thymus gland vital in our immunity is balanced and charged. 
Next time you need to get away – why not get blown away by a turquoise.

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