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COFENAT, The Spanish Federation for Natural and non-conventional Therapies, is an umbrella organisation formed to bring together many of the diverse organisations that represent practitioners of natural and alternative medicines. With more people turning to natural remedies and with a growing public presence of therapists there is increasing scrutiny of the industry, not just from governments wanting to make sure it is properly regulated but also pharmaceuticals who are coming to see natural remedies as a possible threat to their territory. With over 50,000 registered natural health practitioners in Spain there was a growing need for a single representative body culminating two years ago when accords were signed uniting 45 of the main organisations under the COFENAT name.
In essence Cofenat represents and looks after the interests and rights of all alternative or natural health practitioners in Spain. They exist to bring together therapists and create a governing body to develop a higher profile for natural therapies, using federal associations throughout Spain. Through regular contact with relevant government departments, Cofenat have made some progress in raising awareness of natural health and are now included in discussions at a governmental level.
Therapists who join Cofenat can get access to specialist public liability insurance at discounted rates (Segurnat) as well as special offers from associated organisations and businesses such as hotel chain Rafael. Cofenat organises events and symposiums throughout Spain aimed at promoting naturopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture etc, and members are kept informed of news and events through a quarterly magazine. As most practitioners are self-employed Cofenat’s association with UPTA (Union of Autonomous Professionals and workers) provides an even better level of security in workers rights.
To become a member costs 200€ with quarterly payments of 36€
Alameda Principal, 13, 4º-4
29001, Málaga
Tel: 952 608 215
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