10 reasons to be anti-nuclear

1. Nuclear energy is dangerous
The Chernobyl tragedy has demonstrated that this energy can have catastrophic impact.
2. Nuclear energy is dirty
Nuclear energy centres generate radioactive waste that is dangerous for thousands of years and its management and treatment have yet to have satisfactory solutions
3. Nuclear energy generates less employment
According to public works commission renewable energy produces more.
4. Nuclear energy is expensive
Relies on massive subsidies to function.
5. Nuclear energy is not necessary
If there is a political will, as in Germany and Switzerland, nuclear power can be abandoned and CO2 emissions reduced in line with the Kyoto protocol.
6. Nuclear energy is not a solution to global warming
It can never be a viable solution economically to the fight against global warming
7. Nuclear energy does not generate energy independence
Spain imports 100% of its Uranium for nuclear reactors and so is 100% not self sufficient.
8. Nuclear power will also run out
The reserves of uranium-235 will only last a few decades more.
9. Nuclear energy does not have the backing of society
In opinion polls the majority of Spanish people do not want electricity from this source.
10. Nuclear energy is incompatible with sustainable energy models
It does not meet any criteria: it is not economically efficient, nor socially responsible, nor environmentally acceptable.

New campaign from Greenpeace: I am anti-nuclear

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