A load of old rubbish

Some instances of environmental degradation are truly shocking, especially when it seems many people have no idea about them. When I recently discovered that an area twice the size of Texas is full of floating plastic debris in the North Pacific gyre it seemed almost too incredible to be true. But this ‘trash vortex’ is as real as the fact that many countries in Africa are looking to ban plastic bags, and some have already done so, in an attempt to reduce the environmental chaos being caused by the billions of bags that swirl around the countries like modern day tumbleweeds. This global rubbish problem, and just as importantly, people’s attitudes towards it, can be seen everywhere and we only need to look at local beauty spots such as El Chorro, to see that it is our problem as much as anyone’s. How we dispose of our waste, how we recycle, how we reduce the amount of waste we generate are all important features of our efforts against global warming and it all starts at home and in our local community. At home we can reduce, reuse and recycle up to 80% of our rubbish, and in the local community we can organise groups to clear up areas of rubbish. You could make a difference this year by committing to stop using supermarket bags and recycle plastic, cans and bottles. Or why not join Aulaga in Málaga  for their annual rubbish pick or email us at La Chispa and we’ll keep you informed about events you can get involved in.



La Chispa Eco days – info@lachispa.net

Islands of rubbish – www.greenpeace.org

AULAGA – www.aulaga.org; Tel: 952 251 745 o 669 609 668

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