A Spotless Sun

La Chispa readers will be well familiar with the date 21/12/2012 which marks the end of the Mayan long count calendar and is prophesied to usher in major changes on the Earth as she passes from the 5th to the 6th “Sun” or Age. What you may be less familiar with are the extraordinary changes taking place on our Sun, and the uncanny extent to which they confirm and bear out the Mayan predictions. The worlds of astro-physics and metaphysics are traditionally poles apart, but now in an unprecedented rapprochement they are giving us substantially the same message, and we would be well advised to take notice!


 The Maya based their long count calendar on a profound knowledge of our solar system and its cyclic progress through the galaxy, the Milky Way. They  understood that this is not a uniform journey, but that at different points on this cycle the solar system (and hence the earth) is exposed to powerful energies radiating from Galactic Centre (termed Hunab K’u), which affect the earth and which have in the past triggered cataclysmic events. On the winter solstice 2012, the Earth and the Sun will be directly aligned with Galactic centre through the equator of the Milky Way – the event which, according to the Mayan prophecy, will trigger the “great shift”. Until recently modern science knew surprisingly little about the subtler effects of the sun. We know that its light is what sustains all life here on earth, and that its immense gravitational pull keeps us in a stable orbit. But there is another, darker face to the sun which is only now being revealed, and which profoundly affects us. Beneath its radiant surface is an enormously powerful magnetic core which generates a complex magnetic field. At times the field becomes so locally strong that it prevents light from leaving the surface, creating sun-spots. Cyclic in frequency, sunspots can predict even more dramatic phenomena. At points of maximum magnetic activity solar flares and mass coronal ejections fling out vast chunks of magnetically charged plasma into space via the solar wind. This solar buffeting causes the Earth’s own magnetic field to increase considerably, which can reduce cloud cover and allow more heat into the atmosphere. This evidence would appear to contradict the message of Al Gore and the IPCC, that it is this solar magnetic effect, not carbon dioxide, which may have been the major factor in recent global warming. The sun’s magnetic output peaked in 1998, and has dramatically decreased since then, and already the earth is beginning to cool down again. What is more significant is that for the past several months, the Sun has gone into hibernation, with zero sun-spot activity. This confounds the normal cyclic pattern and has scientists both puzzled and concerned. Looking back over the records, the last time the sun behaved in such a manner was prior to the last mini ice-age circa 1400 AD. Of still more concern is that, if the sun remains asleep it may trigger a complete shut down of its own- and therefore the earth’s- magnetic field- an event known as magnetic pole reversal and which has in the past coincided with massive changes on the earth. In which case, recent climate change may be a harbinger of even greater events to come- just as the Maya have been prophesying!


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