Amethyst : Working with crystals part 7

This issue I introduce the last in our series of seven crystals that correspond to and work to balance our seven major chakras or energy centres. Combined or individually we can treat ourselves with this set, bringing optimum health and happiness to our mind, body and spirit. Amethyst – crown chakra (situated at the top of the head).
After 14 years of working with crystals, the one that seems to attract most is Amethyst. This is hardly surprising, as it works to bring calm to the inner chatter, that for some of us never seems end, not even at bedtime. It silences the mindful part of the brain and activates the calming part. As we relax physically, our spirits lift up. Meditating with an amethyst you can feel this; as your muscles relax, your posture straightens, as if being pulled up from the very crown of your head. Our consciousness is stilled. Our nerves, muscles, emotions and mental functions all relax. The Buddha, the Om vibration that amethyst resonates is like a luxurious massage and here we can find the peace in our mind to connect with the here and NOW. This allows our spirit to lift up towards the “white-light” that connects us with the realms of angels, and our spirit guides. We are free in oneness.
It is wonderful to imagine your problems releasing to this white light and being diffused. Then let the brilliant light wash over and through you, a shower of pure energy.
Amethyst is commonly used for treating insomnia, nightmares, spiritual and psychic development, meditation, arthritis, rheumatism, nerve problems, muscular disorders and inflammations. You can cleanse amethyst using the moon or water energies. Sun cleanses will fade its colour.
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