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Sculpting is one of the most ancient art forms known to humans. From the cave man’s arrow heads to modern day installations of huge proportions. Beyond the materials of stone and wood, they can be made from ice, sand, marble, earth, metal, water, chocolate and even lego! They can be moulded, welded, etched, stitched, built, cast, chiseled and designed. They can be abstract or life-like, very permanent or totally transient, a quick whip up or a life long project. In this issue Artista meets Wes Ivan Somerville, owner and chef of the stylish El Limonero restaurant in Orgiva and gets a little taste of his sculptural muse!



43 year old Wes has been creating sculptures and installations since he was 13. Born in British Columbia, Canada, Wes moved to Europe when he was 22 and studied portrait sculpture in London, although the inspiration for his work clearly derives from a far deeper source than any formal training could provide – his influences are pretty far out! Sacred geometry, ancient Egypt, multi-dimensional forms, ancient patterns of life, spirals, maths and metaphysics all play a part in his creations which are predominately made from metal but include stone, water, clay and any bits of recycled tat that he comes across!



Wes moved to the Alpujarra 17 years ago with his partner Amanda after having lived the ‘urban chaos’ of

London life. He talks enthusiastically of his recent projects which involve working with light, both natural and artificial. It’s the interactive element of light that excites Wes. He explains how every person will experience a sculpture in their own way. A sculpture will change depending on the angle from which one looks at a piece and how the light is falling. In this way people are a part of the creation of each sculpture which is symbolic of how we all create our own reality.



As I wandered around his beautiful home and land seeing the work on view the importance of nature and the inherent peace and harmony of the flowing shapes was truly calming. His studio is littered with clay cubes with perfect circles in them representing the divine harmony between the male and female. One of my favorite installations is made from two 800 year old olive oil vats filled with water. The water moves from one vat to the other in such a way that both are eternally giving and receiving with perfect equality.



It was a real insight to hear about the philosophy behind Wes’ sculptures and how much precision is necessary for the making of them. I don’t think I’ll ever look at those funny abstract pieces in the middle of roundabouts in quite the same way again!






Tel: 958 785868








On the coastal town of Competa, Moira Schepel offers tuition in stone, marble, clay and wood sculpture. Born in Tanzania, Moria was greatly influenced by her art teacher at Kenya High school. She went on to study arts and has lived in Holland and the UK before coming to Spain. Moira runs week long courses and a weekly drop in class on a Thursday for those who have some experience in sculpting.
























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