Artista – ‘Just for Today’ by Nikki Barker of Eat Prunes

Eat Prunes assemble beats , loops and samples with super fat bass lines in a breaks/drum ‘n’ bass style and play this live with beautiful female vocal harmonies and raps. Eat Prunes aim at nothing less than changing the world by filling people’s heads with positive affirmations!



Just for today,


I can find a way.


A simple breath of clarity,


create my own reality.


Just for today,


I have nothing to say.


I am of no nationality


I’m overflowing with honesty


This is my day!


I’ll do things my way.


Holding on to my sanity,


faith and love in humanity.


Just for today


I will not worry


I won’t be angry


I won’t be sorry.



Quizas hoy,


puedo encontrar mi camino


Un respiro puro de claridad


Crear mi propia realidad.


Solo por Hoy


No tengo nada que decir


No tengo nationalidad


Reboso honestidad


Este es mi dia!


Hare das cosas a mi manera


Agarrando mi sanidad


Fe y amor por la humanidad


Solo por hoy


No me preocupare


No me enfadare


No me disculpare!



Listen to Eat Prunes at


See Eat Prunes live at Boom 2008 in Portugal.










































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