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The Boom festival is held every other year on the shore of a beautiful lake in a geological park, just outside of the Portuguese village, Idanha-a-Nova. What began ten year’s ago as a trance festival has evolved into an incredible week long event with cutting edge music, performance and DJ’s from around the world. The Boom team doesn’t do things by halves! The decor is imaginative and stylish, with huge projection arches, UV sculptures and stunning bamboo pagodas which house talks, workshops and performance.

The Boom have always put out an eco-message of Gaia consciousness and oneness and yet I couldn’t help be slightly skeptical as I recoiled at the stink of their chemical toilets, reeled at the huge amounts of little plastic bottles of water sold by the Boom themselves and wondered about the eco integrity of having up to 25,000 people use a lake in mid-August. 

When I heard about their REBOOT NOW camp (2-9 August 2008) which is all about uniting different alternatives to create a new conscious eco reality and is hosting speakers of the calibre of Arun Gandhi, I had to ask them, how are they going to walk their talk? I was genuinely impressed with the answers I got:

“The number of chemical toilets will be residual this year. Plastic will be forbidden. Moreover we’re collecting used vegetable oil in the Boom surroundings and most generators will be fueled by this.” Local drinking water will be available on site for free and all the water used from the lake for showers etc will be made reusable within a year by a filter system called ‘evapotranspiration’ with technology made by Ecocentro IPEC. I was well assured that, “Boom is taking its role seriously on making a sustainable entertainment culture effective.” I love festivals and the huge amount of positive creativity, sharing and inspiration that goes into them and comes out of them, but the reality of their eco-footprint is disturbing to any genuine earth-loving festival goer. So, the more they can generate pioneering eco ideas and tread lightly whilst doing the music-entertainment-freedom-of-expression-thing, the better! Good on the Boom for aspiring to do just that!

INFO:      For info on Boom Permaculture projects       For info on the filter system    For info about this years Boom and Reboot Now camp.


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