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Rebecca Cardy was devastated when, at 16 she was told that she must stop dancing or end up in a wheel chair. Rebecca had been studying dance at schools in since the age of eight and at sixteen she auditioned for ‘The London School of Contemporary Dance’. Making it down to the final four applicants she was obliged to have a medical examination and that’s when the hard news came. She was told that that she had sclerosis, a curvature of the spine and that she had spinabifida in the bottom two vertebrae of her back. Seeking a second opinion with a Harley street specialist Rebecca was once again advised to stop dancing immediately or risk becoming crippled.

“I had a lot of classical training to unlearn,” Rebecca remembers, “I was being asked to dance from the inside out, to really express my authentic self through movement. It was very challenging but I loved it!” Rebecca never returned to a doctor once she realized that she had found her path to healing. Twenty years later she is running courses on creative movement and its healing potential in , and .





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“I tried to stop dancing but I just became so depressed,” Rebecca told me. She moved to

Devon and tried to rebuild her life. It was there that she meet a Russian trained dancer who  invited Rebecca to dance with her and encouraged her to do a creative dance course.

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