Artista – Wise Words

“This is a corrupt Government anthem!” Stephen Bellm, 34 year old singer/songwriter living in the Alpujarra. Stephen composes, plays and records all of his own music.
They plan their wars
They know their scores
They have their chores
They make sure theirs is the biggest of them all,
They make sure they’re gonna win, over and over again, it’s a sin.

We only have one planet to live on,
Unless they’ve got another one,
they’re not telling us about
Which I never doubt.

If you look at the pictures on the screen
You can fall into a hazy dream
But if you dig just a little bit
You can see they’ve planned all of it
Money talks, freedom walks.
They never seem to let us in,
They never seem to let us win,
They never care too much,
They never say too much
about a future.

Listen To Stephen’s music on (search – stephen bellm)
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This post is also available in: Spanish

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