Carbon Capture ‘a scam’ according to Greepeace

Carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) has been labelled a ‘scam’ by environmental group Greenpeace. Greenpeace said in its new report False Hope that politicians should concentrate on investments in sustainable energy solutions rather than the ‘false promise’ of CCS. Coal and power firms were said to be exploiting the notion of capture ready power plants to hide building new coal-fired power stations with no guarantee that CCS would ever be retrofitted to capture CO2. Report author, Emily Rochon, climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace International, described CCS as a ‘scam’, the ultimate coal industry ‘pipe dream’. “It is insanity verging on criminal negligence to pass up clean energy and instead pin hopes on an unproven technology. “Governments and businesses need to reduce their emissions not search for excuses for continuing to burn coal,” he said. The report suggested that investments in CCS threatened to ‘starve’ existing clean renewable energy initiatives and energy-saving efforts. CO2 emissions need to level off by 2015 to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change, the report warns, but CCS technology is not expected to be commercially available until 2030. The report adds that CCS could double the operating cost of power plants and lead to electricity price hikes of between 21- 91 per cent.
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