Climate Change – are we doing enough?

Firends of the Earth have criticised the European Commission for being all talk and no action, pointing out that the 20% reduction in greenhouse gases target set will not be suffiecient to stop the worst effects of global warming. they call it a lost opportunity and point out that now is the time to make commitments and send out a clear signal to the international commuity that the European Union wll be a political leader in the climate change movement. They would like to see at least a 30% reduction and presented a proposal to the commission pointing out the most important aspects that need addressing. The full article can be read in Spanish here
For more information: Sandra Jiménez- Prensa Amigos de la Tierra: 680 93 63 27
José Carlos Puentes – Responsable de área de cambio climático y energía de Amigos de la Tierra, España:             +34 91 306 99 21       
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