Earth Works- Indigenous Wisdom and the 2012 prophecies

Are you aware that we are just 4 years away from the end of a 5,200 year time cycle as shown in the Maya calendar? Are you aware that you are here, now, at a time of great change and that you are part of the process that is happening to the human race and our planet? Great thinkers like Carl Jung and Rupert Sheldrake helped us to understand the potential we all have to influence the direction of our consciousness. NASA has detected the beginning of a magnetic reversal of the Sun, due to complete in 2012. Is this a coincidence or further evidence of the ‘end-of-times’ prophecies? Consider too, those Maya priests, shaman and astronomers, who were able to calculate calendar time accurate to within 0.00000001 of the atomic clock. How did the knowledge evolve, since the Maya do not easily fit into the picture we might have of simple Indians in a rainforest? Archeologists say Maya civilization went into sudden decline around 890AD, although from my experience I see that their civilization is very much alive today.

Their descendants, who have inherited a vast wealth of Cosmic Knowledge, join together with Hopi, Kogi, Inca, Kahuna and other indigenous nations of the with a warning. It is a warning to all 6.5 billion of us, not just for those living in the . Some of them put it bluntly, saying our children are eating their children! The warning has both an environmental and spiritual message, and while it does not belong to any religion, it is a message to strike at your heart whatever your colour or creed. Maya wisdom keepers have said there will be a 2013, so this is not the end of the world! They have indicated there will be great changes, most likely through a period of darkness, and 72 hours has been mentioned. The implications are that this will change our circadian rhythms and, in consequence, body chemistry.

These wisdom keepers have long prophesied that now is an important time of preparation, that we can do much for ourselves: inwardly to align with all things positive and life enhancing in deep meaningful ways so that we are able to ride the coming ‘storms’. These ‘storms’ will challenge us physically, mentally and emotionally, but Mother Earth will continue to live on. We are Her highest intelligence, able to have compassion for all life forms, but if we become Her cancerous cells, She will surely rid herself of us. Don’t wait for governments to protect you as they will be powerless in the face of the emerging catastrophes if we don’t actively seek to engage with our consumption and our carbon foot print. Here lies an important crossroads for each of us, individually; to discover just what we are doing with our lives, how it affects us, our families, our community, and the environment. Now is the time to decide what you will and what you won’t have in your life, but if collectively we are unable to contain this looming crisis, then the consequences will unleash a level of violence most civilized people are not accustomed to. Personally, I support the wise Elders of the by giving this warning, but at the same time I see many people pretending to understand the environmental crises and yet carrying on their lives as if they are watching it unfold on TV. We are all on the stage and we are all the players!

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