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To build roofs does not only mean to protect ourselves from the rain and sun, behind it there are stories of trees, plants and the traditions of people dedicated to this trade as ancient as humanity. Our ancestors did not know the word ecological, they simply used the best raw materials the area offered them, those which nature lent them.

El Castañar is a company which combines the tradition of skilled joinery with the quality of modern materials for insulation and tiling, while following a commitment to care for ourselves and the Earth.

Assembling :

The company builds strong and stable frames using traditional fittings and joints, which do not push out the load-bearing walls while at the same time protecting them from the rain with the overhanging eaves. They use local timber bought to order. The best varieties in Andalusia include the Chestnut and the Red Eucalyptus, both classed as rot proof without needing any treatment against wood-eating insects. There are still some saw mills offering these timbers and don’t use tropical timber.

Insulation : 


Cork , hemp, wood fibre, and wool are all natural and renewable products. When their life ends they can be used as fertilizer or fuel. To produce these products very little energy is used and there are no toxic gasses emitted, in fact quite the opposite, by using them CO2 emissions are reduced by 17-19%. The acoustic and thermal properties are ideal and they allow the building to breath. Remember that the home is our third skin.


For a roof to give good results it must protect us from the rain in winter and keep us cool in the summer. Roofs must be ventilated properly and one can use self ventilating tiles or mixed tiles, creating an air chamber with timber laths which will allow the air to circulate from the eaves to the apex as hot air always goes up. Furthermore, under the tiles condensation can occur due to the temperature differences between the interior and the exterior of the house. Ventilation allows for this condensation to dry and not generate the infamous damp stains.


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Nature and tradition offer us many other solutions and materials to make roofs, for example: green roofs, grass roofs, brick or stone vaults/domes. This article has demonstrated one of the possibilities.

Ventilated ceramic roofs : 

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