Fear and Loathing

Are you an optimist or a pessimist – do you see the good in other people or think most are up to no good? And what shapes these opinions – if the mass media constantly tell us tales of woe, violence, danger and hardship will this not affect our feelings about the world. Does it make us feel scared, and should we be? Is it safe to go out at night, leave our children to play by themselves, trust our neighbours? Are they right? Or just playing on our fears? Personally, I am in constant wonder that 6 billion people pretty much get up each day and go about their business with good will towards each other, showing tolerance, compassion and good humour. has an enviable reputation for being safe and hospitable, something many people from other countries appreciate and enjoy. Stories, headlines and rumours can have an impact on that but it’s important to keep things in perspective and DON’T always believe what you read in the papers. By allowing a negative world view into our lives we leave less room for the good stuff and the only people who win are the ones who want to see more control, less liberty and more authority. Trust and openness, unconditional love and a desire for harmony are what can bring us closer to a better society, rather than more CCTV, police and fear.

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